domenica 22 giugno 2014

Can Digital Platforms impact on social interaction?

Friday afternoon (June 20th) at 6 PM Italy has played and lost against Costa Rica. However this is not the topic of this post. I am not a "real" football fan.

The real topic I want to discuss here, is how technical consideration related to Digital Platform can impact on social interaction.

As we all know today watching TV is more and more a social event.  I was watching the match from Italy, from my home, over a DTT digital platform. My good friend Daniel was watching the same match from a OTT service (UK TVPlayer) from Spain. Both we were able to watch the match with a good quality. So far so good! :)

At the same time we were exchanging comments over mobile app Whatsapp. What we have quickly learned is that we were "out of synch". Any time I was making a comment on a player, on the game, whatever, Daniel was reply with "what are you talking about???"

Yes, Daniel "real time point" was about 2 minutes delayed compared to my DTT "real time point". This means that when Costa Rica scored against Italy :(  Daniel has seen it about 2 minutes later.

Why is this happening? there could be many reasons and if someone knows why this happened I am curious to know. In any case I consider this a very important aspect.

Probably this was not an issue a few World Championship ago. In that case I would have watched the game. Daniel would have watched the game. We would have make comments the day after.

Today this is not the way anymore. We all interact while watching events on TV. And for "live" events like sports the "delay" or other issues, introduced by different digital platform is really impacting how you enjoy the event itself.

This can raise multiple question like is OTT ready for prime time? what operator can do to monetize OTT? The real point I want to make is that when building a modern video service there is more that traditional video quality and other parameters. Today operators must also consider social interaction.

What do you think? Similar experiences? Comments?

In the second half of the game, after the break, the same delay has been reduced to about 20/30 seconds which is much more reasonable and has allowed us a more natural interaction. (Thanks to the TVPlayer guys which fix it during the match break)